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Car Scent Diffusers Eco-Friendly

Car Scent Diffusers Eco-Friendly

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With an incredibly stylish look, and crafted from sustainable glass and wood design, these adorable Car Scent Diffusers will elevate your car's aroma and appearance.    Strung on natural cotton rope with a wooden bead these adorable diffusers can be tied securely to the rear view mirror, the Eco-Friendly Car Scent Diffusers are perfect for those looking to add a nice fragrance to their car without adding a plastic tree.   

Pick Your Scent **NEW SPRING Scents**


Dark Romance is a seductively irresistible blend of warm vanilla bean, black raspberry, sweet sugar and rose petals.

Avocado + Ginger smells fresh and clean like a fancy hotel Spa.

Capri Blue is a bright fruity fresh and clean scent. 

Beach Bum is perfect for summer its a warm coconut and tropical flowers.

Bamboo + Teakwood is a clean, fresh car scent

Coconut + Mahogany is a masculine, warm scent.

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